Abraham Abebe was born and grew up in Ethiopia. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Art, Graphic Design at the Georgia College & State University. He has developed curriculum for the BA in Art with Graphic Design Concentration and the new degree program was officially launched during the Summer of 2017. Previously, he has taught Graphic Design, Design Fundamentals and Drawing courses at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He also oversaw the Design Fundamentals III (Digital) class while teaching at UNLV. His ongoing research interest is centered on the area of library signage, wayfinding system, non-Latin typeface development, and security printing design (specifically developing currency to propose for African Union). Abraham is the author of a book of poetry, “Eggmel”, published in 2012 and an experimental typography book, “Professor Fuzo: Poems and Short Stories”, published in 2018. Both books were written in his native language Amharic.

Artist Statement

I believe that I use reality as a foundation for what I design, draw, paint and illustrate. I follow the way of truth and take from the deep feelings from my senses, especially the sense of smell, sight, sound and feelings. In addition, sometimes I try to look beyond what is obvious, and see as far as my mind will take me. My passion is deep to express my imagination. It is like my dream, but also part of my life, my reality.

Reality is my base. From that reality, I always find the way to create impressionistic art, which comes from, and reaches to deep in the heart. Art is my life, so I always find it……… I smell it……… and I do it. My art is carried truth. Truch is a way to reach a goal. Truth is a road to get blessing from God. My faith, my beliefs, my view, my feelings are braided together to make me who I am, and allows me to create what I feel.

My design and art works are a result of two cultures. I am swimming in between. My ideas are flowing around these two cultures. Ethiopian tradition that I grew up with is attached into my blood. The American culture that I am experiencing right now is also influenced me. My subject matters reflect the two cultures as well. It also gives me great opportunity to use different mediums to convey my deep passion. Beyond cultures, there is so much for me to learn; so many great artists to learn from, that I know only patience, persistence, practice and education will carry me to my goal.

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