Abraham Abebe was born and grew up in Ethiopia. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Art, Graphic Design at the Georgia College & State University. He came to Georgia College with the opportunity to develop two new curricula for the BA in Art with Graphic Design Concentration and Graphic Design Minor, which included the development and approval of seven new courses. Both programs were designed to better prepare students with the skills, creativity and imagination. The curricula emphasize on design theory, history and research to provide students direct and applicable methods to redefine design problems, adopt emerging technologies, and embrace design thinking to advance diversity.

Abraham has previously taught Graphic Design, Design Fundamentals and Drawing courses at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He also oversaw the Design Fundamentals III (Digital) class while teaching at UNLV. His ongoing research interest is centered in the area of library signage, wayfinding system, security printing design (specifically developing currency and passport), and Latin and non-Latin typeface development. Most of his Ge’ez (Ethiopic) typefaces are being used by number of Ethiopian television, online, and print medias such as ARTS TV, Nahoo TV, Andafta Media, Zehabesha Media, and Feteh Magazine (the leading Ethiopian Amharic weekly publication).  

Abraham is the author of an experimental typography book, “Professor Fuzo: Poems and Short Stories”, published in 2018, and a book of poetry, “Eggmel”, published in 2012. Both books were written in his native language Amharic. Abraham holds a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, Painting and Drawing from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Associate of Art Degree from Truckee Meadows Community College as well as Diploma of Vocational in Business Office Technology from Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center.

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